How Many Specialists Do YOU Juggle?

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Fantastic Little Snowflakes, Each and Every One


We are all as different as snowflakes-Tala has such a command of the “right words” to express what all us “chronics” feel. Managing life with any chronic disease is stressful enough-but before you decide what someone ELSE should do for their conditions, please READ THIS! You Go Tala!

Tala's Reflections

Just in case anyone thinks that Lupus patients have the market cornered on “stupid” or “crazy” things said to them about disease…. ya don’t!  The uneducated masses out there socialize with other people too, and they have ridiculous ideas for everyone if they have them at all.  We’re not special.

Here are some remarks I ran into on a popular page this morning that set me off:

I switched all my food to organic 4 years ago. Since, I have lost 100 pounds without exercise, I am off the cholesterol meds, off high blood meds, off allergy meds, my eczema and psoriasis have completely disappeared along with my sleep apnea. 

[My thought on this is that someone is lying.  You NEED to exercise, and unless you are a quadriplegic, you have no excuses.  It doesn’t matter whether that means just taking a walk, or raising your arms over your head a…

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