“We want a NEW drug!” #SM934 #NewLupus

“We want a NEW drug!” #SM934 #NewLupusMed #hope #SLE #autoimmunedrugs #LUPUS Chinese Researchers Test New Lupus Drug http://ow.ly/PR2o4

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Choose to Live

Worth a Read! On disability, managing your thoughts and energy and dealing with people who may not understand what it is to deal with chronic pain and conditions.

Tala's Tracks

WOW.  Just wow.  The things that I see people say in social media are stunning sometimes, and I really struggle some days to process the dissonance.  Some of it is personally hurtful because of my own illness/disabilities.  I’m not into letting it bring me down.  It’s just eye-opening as to how big of a task we still have.  I find the level of ignorance about disability and illness in society shocking.

I have in the last few weeks seen 2 stories about young ladies with a severe form of Porphyria.  It is a rare disorder, so I’m not surprised there is less general knowledge about it out there.  What I find disturbing however is the number of people that are willing to either crack jokes about catastrophic illnesses, or brush it off like it is not important to anyone else (“is this news-worthy?”, they ask).  They even go so far as to…

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