A Path of Chapters

On a personal note, Tala sums up the positive of the past year living with LUPUS & chronic pain…there’s more to you than your disease….

Tala's Tracks

In 2014 were all the ups and downs that life can offer, the same as any other year.  The only reason we ever reflect on that is because of our defined close and open to another 365 days.  I have felt the strain, believe me.. and in some ways I am still there.  It is interesting to see the Facebook posts going up about being glad this year is almost over, and how people will be glad to see it go.  Our path in life is one of continuity, so the only change is a perceived threshold that will not truly usher out any of these events.  For one, we carry them in our hearts and as a part of our experiences.  Another?  Well… why would you want to throw out your experiences like yesterday’s trash?  As hard as some of these moments have been, they are a part of…

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A Credible $ Opportunity for Lupus Patients!  No kidding!

I met Shannon Coates-Layne at Access Clinical / Access Biologicals over a year ago-and found we were uniquely connected. Why?

Through ‪#‎Autoimmune‬ Disease- & through ‪#‎LUPUS‬!

But not because Shannon has lupus. Because Shannon has an opportunity for patients with lupus.

One of the most important aspects of treating autoimmune disease is to catch it as soon as possible. And that means better TESTING for autoantibodies. Something Shannon knows alot about!

And it makes perfect sense! It makes sense that patients like you & me with autoimmune disease produce the very antibodies that companies like Access Biologicals NEED to make better tests! Our plasma is VALUABLE.

So here is a unique opportunity for us to help others. We can’t usually “give blood or plasma”-except for reasons like THIS, the ones Access uses. Shannon has explained the process to me in laymans terms-she is non-assuming and efficient. She can explain the process to you as well!

Through ‪#‎plasmaphoresis‬ we have a WIN-WIN-WIN situation! Access Biologicals pays us for testing and plasmaphoresis-and we get an fda approved treatment (plasmaphoresis) to help control our autoimmune symptoms! And Access Biologicals is one step closer to developing better autoimmune condition testing!

You can write Shannon here on this page if you are interested! I would do it in a heartbeat if I could! It’s really a neat opportunity-don’t let it pass you up!
Hugs, JJ