The Value of Accomplishment (and Hunger to Fight for It)

“If you load responsibility on a man unworthy of it he will always betray himself.”, Heckscher

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A friend said this to me: “The truth is, most of us are a ticking time bomb… the question is, is the bomb a dud. At any minute, one of us could get really sick and face death. It’s one of the many reasons why we shouldn’t take things for granted and should care about others more. BUT… I think some people want to insure that their bomb will go off.”

This is unquestionably the truth.  It may make you uncomfortable to address the fact that there are those intent on amplifying their distress, malingering in their burdens, and even relishing the situation, but we have to acknowledge that it does happen.  This reality takes nothing away from the people that are genuinely taking a beating to their health.  We know that people die from autoimmune diseases, or more accurately the consequences of them.  We are not dismissing that…

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The ABC’s of ANA’s


ANA Panel Results



ANA Titer Meanings
Overlap Syndrome (aka-autoimmune diseases like to hang out together)

According to my rheumatologist, determining my dx’s in addition to lupus was a matter of wait and see.  Wait & See which symptoms reared their ugly head the most and were the most intense.  The high dsDNA (double stranded dna) was the most elevated antibody so the primary diagnosis is lupus.  Time proved that the MCTD (mixed connective tissue disease) would rate a distant second with Sjogrens & Scleroderma pretty much tied for last place.

The way my rheumatologist described diagnosis is that the antibodies we produce are only the pointers to the autoimmune conditions as indicated in the chart under my ANA panel.

None of it determines the future of your disease activity.  It’s not written in stone-so don’t expect it to be the worst possible or the mildest ever.  Hope for the best, stay active,  keep informed, see your doctors regularly and take your pills as prescribed.   If you do all you can do to take care of yourself tgen you can be at peace.  Your loved ones will know you did all you could to be with them and be the best you can as long as you can and that’s all that matters.

Here is a link to reading the results of an antibody test:  ANA testing

And here’s a video on ANA testing: